HD flag set on SD stream

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HD flag set on SD stream

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Zip 94087, Antenna OTA only.

Is it a valid lineup issue if programs (Produced originally in SD, some perhaps ~ 1954) are listed as HD?

I just discovered that KQEH VC 54.1 RF 50 in San Francisco, CA (San Jose actually) has the HD flag set for all programs which is preventing me from having the same program being scheduled on KQED VC 9.2 RF 30. (Better reception.) CW_EPG app.

The VC 54.1 and VC 9.2 streams are identical, both are SD. Some 16:9 programs may be letterboxed and previously shown on KQED VC 9.1 RF 30 which is a HD stream, but the only 16:9 stream on the two transmitters. All are fed from the same master control.

I also could complain about KQED Inc.'s use of the NEW flag which they place on repeated showing in SD sometimes weeks later after the original showing in HD on KQED VC 9.1.



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