OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

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OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by davidsomeone »

As requested for these submittals:
Your zipcode / postal code: L3T xxx (any)
Your provider: OTA-HD
Your lineup identifier: Antenna
The application you're using to obtain the listings: Your website
What the problem is: Only one HD channel (CITYTV-DT) is listed
URL to your provider's official channel list: None

Here's what I'm pulling in via an 8-Bay on the roof:

Code: Select all

Channel name / HD res+surround sound / Channel #:

CBC Toronto	HD-1080i Dolby	(5.1)
CFTO 		HD-1080i Dolby 	(9.1)
CITY		HD-1080i Dolby 	(57.1)
SRC Toronto 	HD-1080i (French)	(25.1)
SUN TV 		HD-1080i 		(66.1)
WGRZ-DT 	HD-1080i 		(2.1)
WGRZ Std. 	Standard			(2.2)
WIVB 		HD-1080i Dolby 	(4.1)
WKBW 		HD-720p 			(7.1)
WNED 		HD-720p Dolby 	(43.1)
WNED 		Std. 				(43.2)
WNED-Th (ThinkBright Kids Channel) (43.3)
WNGS Retro 	Std. 				(7.2)
WNLO-DT 	HD-1080i Dolby	(23.1)
WNYB-DT 	HD-1080i       (26.1)
WNYO 		HD-720p Dolby	 (49.1)
WNYO 		Std. 			(49.1)
WUTV 		HD-720p 		(14.1)
Only one of these, CITYTV-DT, shows in the "Antenna" listings for my area code.


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Re: OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by rkulagow »

I need a valid postal code. l3t001 did not work.

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Re: OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by pvr4me »


Last time I looked, L6J 6R8 exhibited the behaviour the OP is describing (even though it is located in Oakville).

OTOH, it was always this way with Zap2It. Many of us just use Zip 14174--which is just over the border in New York. It lists the Buffalo digital stations correctly, CityTV digital, and the Toronto analogues. The other Canadian digitals carry the identical programming to their analogue counterparts.


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Re: OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by mgpaulus »

Canadian Zip Codes are structured
ANA NAN (Alpha/Number/Alpha Number/Alpha/Number). That's why your extension of 001 didn't work. Make it be l3t 0t0, and see if that works, or some other number/Alpha/number combo.

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Re: OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by Gumshoe »

As pvr4me mentioned, the OTA listings in the Toronto area has never had all of the HD channels available on Zap2It.

For example, all of the HD channels from Buffalo are missing on all of the local Canadian OTA lineups. (So I use the zip code 14207 to get HD listings for TV stations in Buffalo.) There are a number of HD channels in Toronto that are not listed in either lineup. For those channels, I use data from the equivalent analog channel.

It would be nice to have this fixed so that all of the available OTA-HD channels are listed for the Canadian OTA lineups. I suspect that part of the problem for TMS is getting reliable information from Canada; OTA is available but undoubtedly comes second to cable and satellite up here. Hopefully we can fill in some of the blanks to get it corrected.

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Re: OTA-HD in Toronto/Markham area

Post by Knight »


I'll soon receive an Hd Homerun and I wanted to see what were my options as far as getting listings for the digital stations.

If I enter my (Quebec) postal code I get no digital stations but if I enter a zip code for Vermont they list all the US OTA digital stations I will have access to with my Hd Homerun and they even list an OTA digital station from Canada (which I don't even in my lineup even though i live something like 30 km (18 miles) from their studios and antenna).

There are currently two OTA digital stations (CBC-owned) which broadcast in my area (CBFT-DT and CBMT-DT) and only one is listed (CBFT-DT) but it's only listed in U.S. lineups even though it's a Canadian tv station...

So it looks like the info might be there (as far as tv listings go) but they might know which lineups should list these stations...

Have a nice day!


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