Problem for 33709:BrightHouse:Digital:North Pinellas

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Problem for 33709:BrightHouse:Digital:North Pinellas

Post by Baylink »

  • Your zipcode / postal code: 33778
    Your provider: Bright House North Pinellas
    The type of lineup (over-the-air, cable, cable digital, satellite): Digital
    Your lineup identifier (located in the URL in the Schedules Direct lineup editor): FL09965
    The application you're using to obtain the listings: SD Web interface
    URL to your provider's official channel list: ... lay_lineup
SD lists 'WE - Women's Entertainment' as ch 78; actually airs on 70 by lineup and inspection. (Used to be on 78; moved over a year ago)

The network is listed in the lineup for *both* channels *on the website*; the actual program data is incorrectly tied to ch 78; the program guide (in Myth 0.20.2) lists no channel 70 (not "Unknown"; the row does not appear at all).

We also cannot manually tune it, which suggests it's not actually a valid channel in the lineup, the website notwithstanding.

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Re: Problem for 33709:BrightHouse:Digital:North Pinellas

Post by rkulagow »

You may want to delete and re-add the lineup; I just added the lineup in SD and I see WE on channel 70:

Bright House Networks North Pinellas - Digital (33778), lineup FL09665:X

However, the lineup IDs are different. Did you typo on your post, or are we looking at two different things?

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Re: Problem for 33709:BrightHouse:Digital:North Pinellas

Post by pamelajaye »

I'm not sure this was ever fixed - though that might have been because my brother, who is in charge of such things never followed up on it - I can't remember if he did.
In the meantime the cable company has apparently reshuffled the channel lineup sometime between dec 10th and now, and nothing is where it should be (somewhere above channel 25 or 30) - what does one do when that happens (in the past I called my brother, but he seems to be busy and thought mythfilldatabase would fix it. it didn't. btw, this is analog cable, not the digital)

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