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Re: Edit: No DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Channels

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:24 pm
by rkulagow
rkulagow wrote:
bufordt wrote:I have the NFL Sunday Ticket channels, but I don't get any game info. Teams aren't listed, start times are generic, etc. Does anyone actually get the game data?
DirecTV is adamant that Tribune not list game-specific information. The same issue exists with PPV listings, which is why they're always generic.

Since DirecTV doesn't provide the information / won't allow it to be published by Tribune, Tribune has to resort to generic program blocks.

As a DirecTV subscriber, if you're unhappy with this, you've got to contact DirecTV and let them know.
Tribune has changed the schedule so that the program times now lineup with Sunday Ticket, which apparently has games starting at either 1P or 4P.

10/2/2011 10:00 am 180 NFL Sunday Ticket
10/2/2011 01:00 pm 180 NFL Sunday Ticket
10/2/2011 04:00 pm 180 NFL Sunday Ticket
10/2/2011 07:00 pm 180 NFL Sunday Ticket

Hopefully this will make it easier to schedule.