How to submit a lineup issue

Use this forum to report problems with lineups
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How to submit a lineup issue

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As of 2007-09-05, please use the "Lineup Support" URL on your Schedules Direct account to report lineup issues. The forum will remain open for additional discussion.

Please include the following:
  • The application you're using to obtain the listings (MythTV internal grabber, XMLTV, etc)
    What the problem is (missing channel, station on incorrect channel, etc)
    URL to your provider's official channel list
Please note that the provider's official channel list is important to us, without it it makes things much more difficult to track down. Also, look at the provider's channel web page from a non-resident point-of-view; if I follow the link and put in the zip code you've provided, is it going to ask me additional questions, like a particular city?

If you have stations on incorrect channels, please make sure we know what you were expecting to see vs. what was actually there.