CHCJ-DT (CTV-Two, Hamilton, Ontario)

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CHCJ-DT (CTV-Two, Hamilton, Ontario)

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CTV-Two has a new repeater broadcasting from an old Bell tower in Hamilton, Ontario called CHCJ-DT and is channel 35-1 (real & virtual). This is new as of Sept 2012.
CHCJ is not in any schedulesdirect lineup (yet). Until it gets added, mythtv users can go into mythweb or the backend channel setup and manually set the XMLID to 72705 and get channel data. This is CKVR's channel data but the CHCJ is just a repeater for it anyway.
I was pretty happy to figure this out yesterday, it has several prime time shows that aren't on other Canadian networks and it should come in pretty strong anywhere in the GTA. Hopefully this helps some people out there.

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Re: CHCJ-DT (CTV-Two, Hamilton, Ontario)

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I suspect RobertK would like you to submit a lineup support ticket, so he can get your zip and lineup-id.

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