KRCWDT3 not getting programs

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KRCWDT3 not getting programs

Post by StefanJ »

I live in Hillsoro, OR, 97124.

I access SD lineup using MythTV.

The two lineups effected are:

97124 Beaverton, US Comcast Tualatin Valley Regional - Digital CableDigital
Comcast digital cable channel 303, KCRWDT3

97124 Hillsboro, US Local Broadcast Listings - Antenna LocalBroadcast
Broadcast channel 32-3, KCRWDT3

The XML ID in both cases is 70502. The programming is from the "This" movie network. ("ThisPDX")

There was a recent change in these channel assignments (the "This" programming formerly ran on 2-2, katu-dt2), and something "broke" in the turnover.

Currently, no programming appears on the channel, except for the short-term EIT stuff.

I would be grateful if you would check to make sure that this XML ID is correct for this channel.



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Re: KRCWDT3 not getting programs

Post by rkulagow »

Lineup issues are addressed by opening a ticket through the Schedules Direct website; there are mechanisms there to ensure that certain necessary information is included in order to resolve the issue. Have you opened a ticket?

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