DirecTV La Liga channels

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DirecTV La Liga channels

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Hello all,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone involved in schedulesdirect for doing an outstanding job -- I've used the service from the beginning and have never had any issues with it. Well Done.

My question is this: I've just noticed that DirecTV is carrying a number of La Liga (Spanish soccer) games this year on channels 477, 478, and 479. These do not appear to be available in my DirectTV channel selector.

Is there any way to add them, or will I be stuck setting up manual schedules for my MythTV system?

Thanks for the info, and thanks again for a job really well done.

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Re: DirecTV La Liga channels

Post by rmeden »

On the SD web page, click the "lineup support" link and open a ticket.

That will route it to RobertK who normally deals with this. I was going to submit the request to Tribune myself, then I realized Robert may have already done so, or will probably know if we can normally get it added.


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