MediaPortal, HDHR - A twisty maze of channels all different

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MediaPortal, HDHR - A twisty maze of channels all different

Post by anewmyth »

I just installed MP with schedules direct plugin, and I am using HDHomerun as a tuner.

Can someone please tell me if this is normal.

I scanned the digital channels (first in the HDHR config, then TVserver) What I get is a list of 150+ “Unknown Channel 151262-30”. The type is listed as ASTC although it is really tuning QAM. A channel is listed as “18 0:0” - whatever the channel number it’s always followed by 0:0.

None are marked encrypted. If I click the “unmark encrypted” button, nothing happens, but when I go to preview most of these channels, I am told “Preview failed-ChannelIsScrambled”

Am I really supposed to try to watch each of these channels and manually remove the scrambled ones? Am I supposed to guess at the channel call signs or channel numbers? I have no idea where to start.

Supposedly there is some correlation between:
  • Channel Number
    Virtual channel number
    Major/Minor Channel number
    Channel ID (Schedules direct site)
    Channel Name (HDHR site)
Should I just break out my random number generator? What Gives? How does anyone ever manage to map any of these channels properly in less than a week (only to be redone when charter cable decides to mix up the channels again)

In case it’s not completely obvious, I’m very frustrated. :evil:

USA, Charter Cable.

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