Troubleshooting Guide for MythTV

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Troubleshooting Guide for MythTV

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You may wish to run something like:

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$ mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all

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Re: Troubleshooting Guide for MythTV

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rkulagow wrote: You may wish to run something like:

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$ mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all
To elaborate:

By default, mythfilldatabase downloads guide data only for Today, Today+13, and any days between Today+1 and Today+12 that have not already been downloaded. Guide data commonly changes on many channels in the two weeks before airing, so if you use the default settings, you are likely to find inaccuracies in the guide data for Today+1 through Today+12 in MythTV. In addition, some users report that the current day's guide data in MythTV is also inaccurate when using the default settings (it does not match the guide data found on, so it seems that the mythfilldatabase download for Today may not reliably override the previously downloaded data.

Running "mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all" causes all 14 days of guide data to be downloaded, and all previous guide data in the database to be overwritten, which should eliminate any drift between MythTV and

To configure MythTV to use --dd-grab-all when running the daily mythfilldatabase job, run `mythtv-setup`, select "General", go to "Program Schedule Downloading Options" (the last page), then set "Guide data arguments" to "--dd-grab-all".

Some additional details can be found at ... ers/449426.

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