What do do about wrong guide data

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What do do about wrong guide data

Post by rmeden »

There are many reasons the guide data is wrong... sometimes we can get it fixed, sometimes we can't. Sometimes the problem resolves itself before we can even get it fixed!

Let me discuss a few common situations:

#1. Application data is old.

Fix the @#!@ app. This is a common problem with MythTV. See my rant: HERE

2. TMS's DataDirect service doesn't have the updates but some TMS products do (check Zap2it.com)

Not much we can do here but wait.. should only be a few hours.

3. TMS's products don't have updates, but competitors do (check tvguide.com)

Not much we can do. There are some known problems with Discovery and TLC that we're trying to resolve. You can submit a lineup report, but frankly, I don't think it would help much. When we switch to a self-hosted service (under development), we can try and get a direct feed from problem stations.

4. No one has accurate information. It probably hasn't been released by the station.

Some stations just don't seem interested in publishing the info. Believe it or not, PPV providers seem to fall into this category. Makes no sense to me.

5. Generic information only, no episode details

Look at the Episode ID in the raw data. Does it begin with "SH" or "EP"? SH means Tribune has no specific episode info available. (Note: "Original Air Date" for SH* episodes is for the start of the series!). The above methods still hold, but the data usually fills in closer to air-date. Depending on the category, it may be safe to assume this is a repeat.

6. Time is off by 3 hours

This means the provider is using a different satellite (East/West) feed from what they've told Tribune. Submit a lineup report via our "account" page and include the date/time, what the guide says and what's on TV.

7. Time is off by 1 hour

This is usually a Time Zone or Daylight Saving Time (DST) issue on the application side. We provide data in UTC, so time conversion is done by the local app. Look at the raw data and do the time zone conversion manually. If it's still wrong, submit a lineup report via our "account" page.

submitting a ticket for #3

It probably won't help, but I'm willing to submit a Tribune ticket in case #3... keep in mind it only is really useful if the problem repeats or is far in the future. Go ahead and submit it via the "lineup discrepancy" on our web page so we get some details about your account. Include any "independent" proof if you can. (TMS competitor, station web page, etc) If you'd rather submit it via the "contact us" web form, but sure and include your lineup ID and station ID with the problem.



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