Lineups Disappeared

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Lineups Disappeared

Post by CapnBry »

I've had 2 lineups set up at SD since launch. I logged in this morning to remove a few extra channels from them and I have no lineups listed any more. I checked my MythTV box and notice that it only has 5 days worth of guide data left now. Where did my lineups go, and do I need to recreate them? Anyone else lose a lineup?

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Re: Lineups Disappeared

Post by rmeden »

Today's log hasn't processed yet, but if I guessed your username correctly (from the domain name) I don't show any lineup changes between 12/2 and 12/27.

I have heard of this happening once before but the root cause was never determined. I suggest you just re-add the lineups.. this seems to be a very rare problem. If/when we switch to self hosting the issue will go away.


(p.s. Sorry about being a little obtuse, but privacy rules limit what details I can devulge in public forums)

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