Program data for one channel not downloading

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Program data for one channel not downloading

Post by ahfairley »

I am a Schedules Direct subscriber, and am using EPG123 to download program data to populate the TV listings guide in Windows Media Center. I am getting my TV signal OTA.

Until recently, everything was working fine. However, sometime in the last month, program guide data has not been showing up for one of the channels in my Media Center lineup, KOCE channel 50.1 (UHF channel 18.1) The channel shows "no program guide information available" All the other channels are still fine.

It seems to be that the break in the chain is happening with Schedules Direct because of the following:

- My Samsung TV is displaying program info for KOCE correctly (the TV is receiving OTA TV and is connected to the internet, so I am no sure where it is getting the program information for KOCE from), so it appears that the guide info is out there somewhere.

-WMC and JR MC can tune and display the channel fine, just don't display guide information.
- All other channel's guide info is being downloaded and displays correctly in WMC.
-Therefore this doesn't seem to be an issue on the Media Center side.

- EPG123 shows the channel information for KOCE when it scans (and returns the correct Channel and UHF channel info), and is showing the channel as active in the lineup so it doesn't seem to be a problem with EPG looking for the info with wrong parameters.

So (with my limited understanding of how this works), I surmise that either the source from which Schedules Direct gets its information is no longer providing it, or that the channel's identifying information linked to the data Schedules Direct gets has become incorrect.

Any idea what is happening and is there a fix?

Many thanks!

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Re: Program data for one channel not downloading

Post by rmeden »

I've seen other reports about a 18.1, this may be the same thing....

Gracenote isn't providing guide data and we've having trouble figuring out why. It is being escalated this week.


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