Program data not downloading

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Program data not downloading

Post by dasnico »

Hi all

Created an SD trial account and downloaded my program data via Guide2Go and it worked perfectly. I paid for a subscription prior to the trial ending and now all my program data has disappeared. In Guide2Go I've attempted to re-create my ymal and my xml file. I've added the correct lineup and gone through and selected channels. No guide data is downloaded. I've tried selecting another lineup for the area I receive channels and that has failed too. Here is what Guide2Go spits out:

Code: Select all

2020/06/15 04:11:03 [URL  ]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [SD   ] Account Expires: 2020-08-15 16:30:34 +0000 UTC
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [SD   ] Lineups: 1 / 4
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [SD   ] System Status: Online [No known issues.]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Channels: 182
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [URL  ]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [SD   ] Added lineup.
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Download Schedule: 7 Day(s)
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [URL  ]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [ERROR] invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Download Program Informations: New: 0 / Cached: 0
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Download missing Metadata: 0 
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Create XMLTV File [/guide2go/skytv.xml]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Clean up Cache [/guide2go/skytv_cache.json]
2020/06/15 04:11:03 [G2G  ] Deleted Program Informations: 0
It's not downloading anything. Is there an outage or something right now? I don't see how my Guide2Go installation would have become corrupt as I've changed nothing.

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Re: Program data not downloading

Post by rmeden »

Your SD account is active and looks like I see connections.

Not sure what "Gudie2GO" is, it's not an approved application. You may want to contact them.


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