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MYTHTV duplicate Previously Recorded Programs (FIXED)

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:05 am
by tagra123
I cleaned this up and made a full posting that shows how to backup and restore the data, upgrade the database, restore the old data into the new database and get it all to work correctly.

I know this isn't a support forum for Myth, but does anyone have the fix to get the scheduler to honor the previous recorded programs. Tried many steps but nothing seems to be getting it to work correctly. 1189 shows recorded and don't want to have to man handle these for the next 6 months ???

I have myth setup to determine repeat recordings based on subtitle/description.

I have changed the programid using sql to the 12 digits (Added two zeros) using the following patch

A patch for step 1 will be attached shortly.
We'll need a one-time db update of:

Code: Select all

UPDATE recorded
SET programid=CONCAT(SUBSTRING(programid, 1, 2),
SUBSTRING(programid, 3))
WHERE length(programid) = 12;
UPDATE oldrecorded
SET programid=CONCAT(SUBSTRING(programid, 1, 2),
SUBSTRING(programid, 3))
WHERE length(programid) = 12; 
On one set of shows I've even set the seriesid to match what the new ones are.

Someone please help.

Upgrade from .18 to .20.2

Re: MYTHTV is re-recording Previously Recorded Programs (FIXED)

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:36 am
by tagra123
I think I may have found the answer to my own question.
Hope this helps someone.

I found this info on the mythtv users mailing list
duplicate = 0 says that the record does not apply to duplicate
matching. The duplicate field is set to 0 when you select "Delete and
allow re-record." "But, I didn't delete it," you say. OK, well, it's
also set by autoexpire when the show is automatically deleted for you.

In SVN trunk there's an option:

Re-record watched programs
If set, programs that have been marked as watched and are auto-expired
will be re-recorded if they are shown again.

which is on by default but allows you to turn it off so that Myth will
allow autoexpired shows you've already watched to be autoexpired such
that they won't re-record. It won't be backported to 0.20 because it
relies on the new watched flag (new feature).

So, if using 0.20-fixes, just make sure you delete those shows you don't
want to be re-recorded. When 0.21 is released, configure it appropriately.
To fix the duplicate field I ran the following command using phpmyadmin (mysql will work too)

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update oldrecorded set duplicate=1
Next I turned off auto expire from all recoding schedules. Actually I think this is what I had it set to originally but might have changed it during upgrade from .18 to .20.2 (On some show this was working without this flag being turned off)

The following seemed to make the most difference.
On some shows I had it set in the schedule to record on a specific channel. I change this to either anytime on anychannel or finde weekly, daily, etc.

Now when I look at upcoming recording using the frontend or mythweb its working correctly, that is its showing the previously recorded shows as being previously recorded instead of allowing them to record anyway.