Lost EPG guide in Win7 WMC

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Lost EPG guide in Win7 WMC

Post by chobe »

Suddenly lost all EPG guide listing in WMC. Has been working fine since changing from Microsoft's EPG (retired) and switching to EPG123 and Schedules Direct.

Can access SD DD output data - looks correct with no errors reported. EPG123 client is working with all channel listings. Channel listing is still correct in WMC. WMC does not seem to be getting info from either Schedules Direct or EPG123 client....Any ideas?

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Re: Lost EPG guide in Win7 WMC

Post by gtb »

chobe wrote:
Fri May 08, 2020 8:56 pm
... Any ideas?
Probably best to ask on the EPG123 topic area in thegreenbutton.tv forums (where the author and community provide support). I suspect you are not the first person to have experienced various anomalies.

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