Device Limit?

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Device Limit?

Post by bluewmc »

I have 4 computer systems/devices that I might use Schedules Direct on:

1) A desktop Ubuntu/KOBI system with an ATI Wonder PCI single tuner and a KWorld USB single tuner,
2) A Win7/WMC semi-"embedded" portable system (laptop) with a dual tuner Haupauge USB interface
3) A Win10/KOBI portable system (laptop) with a USB tuner (either KWorld single or Haupauge dual) and
4) An Ubuntu/KOBI portable system (laptop) with a USB tuner (again, either KWorld single or Haupauge dual USB interface)

I actually only have a total of 4 tuners, but the USB ones may be moved from system to system, as needed.

Can I use a single Schedules Direct membership to get guide data on all 4 systems? I see there is a limit of 4 "lineups", but I am not sure how that maps to what I can use per system. I expect I would configure each system to use only one "lineup" at a time (if I understand what this means), probably the us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB-062009 "lineup". For two-tuner systems, they would both use the same lineup, so I assume that counts as one "in use" lineup for that system...?

Does this meet the requirements for a single membership?

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Re: Device Limit?

Post by rmeden »

Yup... one account is all you need.

Each lineup is basically an input type. Antenna, Cable, Satellite.... chances are all are sharing one lineup.

On thing to watch for is make sure they don't download at the same time. With the SD-JSON service, that can cause a fight over session tokens.


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