No Data Available to added channels.

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No Data Available to added channels.

Post by sffire »

I am using Windows 7 with the Media Center Program for TV watching and recording. For some reason, when I scan for channels, channel 7.1 and 11.1 gets omitted from the antenna scan. I had to add these to the Media Center. I would use the EPG123 to download the TV listings and guide. Channels 7.1 and 11.1 shows No Data Available. I can view the channels but the guide is not available.

I am looking for some help on this. I am new to this program . Thank you.

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Re: No Data Available to added channels.

Post by rmeden »

Someone here may know, but the best place to post is on the EPG123 support form @ The Green Button.

If the channel didn't show up in the Media Center scan, I wonder if it has a valid callsign? You may need to map it manually. The EPG123 folks should know.. (7.1 sounds like a normal station, not an unusual one usually found on subchannels)

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Re: No Data Available to added channels.

Post by rkulagow »

The Green Button forum is the best place for EPG123 support.

As far as the channels, your issue might be that WMC doesn't scan VHF, because it was written when all ATSC was UHF only. That's no longer true, so you have to work around that problem.

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