Lineup Support via Ticket

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Lineup Support via Ticket

Post by rickgillyon »

Are lineup support tickets still being processed? For my last two (19106 and 19092) I've had automated responses but no follow-up.

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Re: Lineup Support via Ticket

Post by rmeden »

I"m not sure why, but looks like both were closed. I know this post is old, but I"ll answer some for the sake of archives.

19092 complained about XMLTV formatted data for Air Crash Investigations not recording because "Original Air Date" was set.

I'm not sure what program you use to convert to XML, but the XML you posted had these fields:
start="20200127210000 +0000"
previously-shown start="20200130"
<new />

So it was flagged as new, but for some reason "previously shown" was included and had a date in the future. I don't think I've ever seen that, but I know on the SD-DD service, "new" can get rather touchy. I wrote an article about it. notes on "new" vs "repeat"

19106 Talked about no data for a station in Granada. I can see how that can happen for some international stations. Not sure if it was just temporary or if we don't get Granada data anymore.

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