Local stations

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Local stations

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I currently use a provider that supplies me an xml guide based off the playlist I supply to them which is great. The issue is that their guide quality is not so great and the admin is a snippy little turd. So I am looking to switch over to SD which is turning out to be a bit more work than I expected. My channel lineup is pretty straight forward, locals, us entertainment, movie channels, sports and news. Most channels are mainstream and are very easy to get the EPG for. The issue is that the mix of local channels are not apparently possible with the given limitations of SD. I have 6+ different regions that I get the abc/nbc/cbs/cw/pbs/news12 affiliated channels for. I only want a small handful of channels from each area but will require more "zip codes" than allowed. I was not looking to pay double membership due to a technicality. Any ideas?

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Re: Local stations

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is this a legit service?

I find it strange that a legit service provides local stations for multiple areas.

(SD doesn't want to get involved in illegal streaming services)

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