Help! changed password, now blocked?

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Help! changed password, now blocked?

Post by alexcampo74 »

Hi All,
I changed my password for schedulesdirect a few weeks back. But, over the first 4 or 5 days - I forgot that I needed to also change it in a script that downloaded EPG data for my MythTV.
Once I realised, (it only runs once a day in the evening, so I would not have hit any 50 requests in 1 hour type limit etc) I updated the password.
However, even with new password added to my script, I am still getting:

Error: Invalid username or token has expired.

I have logged into my schedulesdirect account since, using the new password and the status shows as active!!!

Can someone please help? My kids are sad, as I've not got no EPG data, and can't schedule any recordings ! :(

How can I get this unblocked or reset?!!
Please assist!

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Re: Help! changed password, now blocked?

Post by rkulagow »

Please open a ticket through the Schedules Direct website.

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Re: Help! changed password, now blocked?

Post by rmeden »

This has probably been solved, but any chance your script loops on failure? After a pretty small number of bad passwords, you account can get locked. (The SD-DD service blocks it for a day, the main web page 20 minutes)

I don't know about SD-JSON, but SD-DD was getting hammered by bad scripts so I needed to add the block.

Stop your script and let things settle..


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