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New / Old channel number changes

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:53 am
by SVoyager
I have a small lineup issue that is created by my TV provider. The provider has a habit of changing the channel numbers as they are trying to group channels by category togother (amongst other things).

The problem is that, they keep making changes and its been going on for a few years and everytime there is a move, schedule direct adds the new channel on the lineup automatically which then creates a mess on my tv guide. I have to then go to schedule direct's site, de-select the channel from the list, which will update eventually on the TV.

There are channel changes that affect my actual subscribed TV channels which works fine but for those that I am not subscribed to, it will appear on my TV guide and I will have to manually remove it on the site.

Would it be possible for schedule direct to not automatically add new TV channels (or at least make it an option?). It is fine that they get added to the list but just not have them selected by default.