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Download the schedules for stationIDs

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:54 am
by toast
I'm trying to Download the schedules for stationIDs as per: ... stationids

So my code (python) looks like:

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headers={'token': token}
bd = ["83285"]
print('Sending: ', bd, '\n')
url = ''
response =, headers=headers, data=str(bd))
But the response i am getting back is:

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<Response [400]>
{"response":"REQUIRED_REQUEST_MISSING","code":2002,"serverID":"20141201.web.3","message":"Did not receive request.","datetime":"2018-02-24T17:06:28Z"}
Now, I have tried forming the body (bd) of the post in various ways, but no dice - can someone please advise how I should be doing this?

many thanks