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Cross EPG

Post by kg4muc »

I have been actively working on getting the guides working on my personal STB's and my HTPC.
I have made some progress with my HTPC using MediaPortal to the point I have a usable guide ,not perfect yet but usable :)

I have found a project called Cross EPG

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I have one STB that has this already installed for a EPG system that was previously supported. What I would like to do is either reinstall the app or reconfigure the existing one to work with my SD data. I believe I can implement this on my other STB from what I can read about the project.

Is anyone here familiar with the inner workings of this project? I need to know how to write the required scripts to make it work. There is a wiki on some of this but it's explained more to someone who has considerable coding experience and I have only a small amount in that field.

I feel this would probably be a breeze for someone who has done this sort of thing before and will be for me once I get a working knowledge of things.

This is totally a personal project ,no commercial intentions at all or ever for that matter.

If there is someone who has worked with this code who could lend some knowledge to help me get it going?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

If you would like to discuss it further Off Forum please feel free to contact me at my personal email

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kg4muc@comcastdot net

Thanks in advance!

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