Problems connecting to sd-dd servers ( blocking )

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Re: Problems connecting to sd-dd servers ( blocking )

Post by rmeden »

I don't think it's a 500 error.. that doesn't match the text.

If you log on with your account at it should release any blocks.

If you do get blocked, make sure your account isn't expired (when you log in, check the expiration date), and also check the scheduler settings in your application to make sure it downloads once a day. With some apps, it's easy to configure it to download every minute by accident... you'll get blocked pretty quick.

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Re: Problems connecting to sd-dd servers ( blocking )

Post by scheduler »

In an attempt to set myself up, I must have inadvertently locked myself out for downloading the guide too many times. This was an honest mistake on my part in an attempt to set up my guide. I know you don't have to, just hoping since it was a mistake on my part and not an attempt to ping your system repeatedly you would help me out. I have determined what I believe to be the cause of the errors on my end so I shouldn't have any further issues. Thanks for your consideration!

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