Added new channel with no data

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Added new channel with no data

Post by Homer »


Don't know if this is a MythTV bug or a SD bug but will psopt here...

I reinstalled my mythbox this week-end and all is working.

I did my first mythfilldatabase and I saw that I forgot to enable two channels to my SD lineup. No problem, I logon to SD web site and modify my lineup...

I did another mythfilldatabase and the channel was added to my database, but with no programming data. MythTV Guide OSD and mythweb guide say "NO DATA" in lieu of the shows names.

My provider is Videotron Digital for ZIP G1S3G7 (Canada) and lineup id is 0004304:X.

The two channels added are :

- G4TTVC (channel 152)
- SERIES (channel 41)

Any idea ?

Thanks !

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Re: Added new channel with no data

Post by ccandreva »

I seem to have the same problem. I have a channel that I forgot to add to SD initially and added later that now only shows up as "NO DATA". I've verified that the channel data is in raw XML file downloaded from xmltv, I've even verified the xmltv ID is correct in the database, however it never downloads data.

In fact the mythfilldatabase output shows "chanid 1029 -> 0 programs" for that channel every time.

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Re: Added new channel with no data

Post by djb61230 »

Try doing "mythfilldatabase --refresh-today". It's worked for me when I have made changes.

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