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Re: New channels

Post by rmeden »

*that* is possible ( a web API for an application to modify a SD account).

I thought you were talking about multiple station choices for a single lineup. (your 1,2,3,4 checkboxes).


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Re: New channels

Post by slim »

Actually I requested that. I also should have been more clear as to the 1, 2, 3, 4 box thing being done after self hosting of the data which is what I had in mind.

A don't list box would also be good. Also if someone wanted to do it the old way they could just not click any box and it could be done from the application instead. Also the applications other may not want to use the check boxes.

Another thing that I think may have been brought up before would be to have multiple listings on the same page so say the Cable could be on the same page as the antenna broadcast instead of different pages. I'm not sure if this is possible even with self hosting or if the SD users even would want this. This would mean however, that you could do everything from SD in one spot and only do an update from the command line for the applications.

Right now with the TMS listing if you use firewire and S-Video with MythTV because some digital channels are scrambled and some are not, you have to go in and manually select which it is. Sometimes you have problems with the channel being added back in as a S-Video channel and not a firewire. You can end up with 2 channels then. Not a big deal until here lately with Comcast and others adding and changing channels right and left.

In short it will be nice and there will a lot of improvements like you have said Robert when self hosting is realized.

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Re: New channels

Post by han »

I would just like to chime in, wave my arms above my head and post another one of those dreaded "me too" messages that hardly ever contribute a shred of useful content. It's just that dammit, those surprise directv channels drive me batty. Any or all of the features described in this thread would be most welcome, even simply defaulting them as deactivated channels would be a time saving change.

I would also like to take this opportunity provided by my first post to express my appreciation for this project and all of the efforts required to turn a simple statement like, "Why don't we just do it ourselves??" into a project plan then see it through to fruition. Such things are never easy!

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