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New channels

Post by hkdl »

Simple question here. Are new channels enabled or disabled when they first enter the line up? I would get so annoyed when Directv would add 10 new channels that I don't get but they would get added to my lineup and then it would set shows to record on channels I don't get.

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Re: New channels

Post by danielk »

Are new channels enabled or disabled when they first enter the line up?
I believe they are enabled. However I believe most applications give you the option of automatically adding the new channels to their listings or not. For instance in MythTV, if you run your daily mythfilldatabase with the --remove-new-channels parameter it will not add the channels to the MythTV internal lineups.

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Re: New channels

Post by djb61230 »

It won't be like it is with the D* set top boxes where a "new channel" often is a re-mapped shopping channel. That behavior is really annoying. On here you should get only truly new channels. One that may show up in a few days is the BTN (Big Ten Network) on channel 220 that started today. Currently 220 is an "info" channel, so it will be interesting what will happen.

So having new channels enabled is not really bad.

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Re: New channels

Post by tescott »

I have the same complaint. I don't know if it is in the realm of SD's capabilities, but if there were a way to prevent new channels from being automatically added to the line-up, that'd be a great feature!


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Re: New channels

Post by GLCamp »

In the past (and also in the recent) I have had the opposite problem with new channels at Data Direct.

Instead of new channels being added to my lineup automatically, they never appear anywhere.
Not in my downloaded data, not in the lineup editor, not no where.
In order for the new channels to show up in the lineup editor I have to drop that lineup and add it back in.

I would prefer new channels to be added to my lineup automatically.

I know others would prefer just the opposite.

The ideal solution would be to allow a user preference to control how new channels are handled.

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Re: New channels

Post by crow »

Many of us have to use the --remove-new-channels option to mythfilldatabase because we're using one listing for multiple tuner inputs. I have one set of listings for digital cable, but I use a subset for my QAM tuner, another subset for the analog channels on my PVR-250, and another for the cable box on the composite input on my PVR-250 (I avoid the cable box whenever possible).

What I really want is to go to the edit lineup page, and have at the bottom a list of all the changes, each with a box to delete the notice, once I've dealt with it.

For example:

[ ] (date) Added channel 250 NASA-TV "NASA Television"
[ ] (date) Deleted channel 68 BIDN "Bad Idea Network"
[ ] (date) Renamed channel 51, was TNN "The Nashville Network" now SPIKE "Spike TV"

Channels that are renamed should retain their previous status.
Channels added to a category that is all-on or all-off (like PPV) should have the same status as other channels in the same category.
Other channels should probably be automatically added, unless overridden by a preference setting.
There should also be a preference setting to have lineup changes sent by email.

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Re: New channels

Post by PTVBforever »

I agree with those who don't like the automatic adding of new channels to the lineups (especially channels that require additional payment). DirecTV is especially annoying in this regard. Please consider the well thought-out suggestions made by swan in his posting.

And thanks for the great service! :D

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Re: New channels

Post by slim »

I have an idea that might work (at least in MythTV).

Have one listing that would have four checkboxes after it numbered one to four (maybe more if possible).

Then in the DVR software assign each of these numbers to a tuner or firewire port.

Then the whole thing could be done from the Setup page on SD instead of the application.

If no numbers are checked it would be done manually by the user in their DVR program just as it is now.

Since this is a user defined setting it would not need anything special by the SD people but would need to be added to the DVR programs.

MythTV already uses numbers to identify the sources but it would be nice if it displayed them in the backend setup like it does in the Frontend. Also it would be nice to display the number in the guide so if you wanted to assign 2 numbers (for say Firewire and S-Video) you could.

This would be simple, not require hardly any effort from SD and would put all your setup one page for Cable or Satalite and one page for Antenna.

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Re: New channels

Post by rmeden »

The problem is the data is currently served directly from Tribune Media Services.

The SD web app makes callbacks to the TMS servers to set up and change accounts. The data fetch goes directly to them.

If we host the data ourselves (this is the "self-hosting" we talk about), then we can implement features like this. For now we're stuck with the features provided by TMS.


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Re: New channels

Post by TVScheduler »

rmeden wrote:The SD web app makes callbacks to the TMS servers to set up and change accounts.

Yes but how nice it would be if the end user could, using their pvr's interface, make a call to the SD server so the SD web app would make a call to the TMS servers to change an account. Dropping a station is really the only function needed outside of setup. I already have a form that's displayed when the station in the Program Guide is right clicked. I would like to have a button that said. 'Drop Station' on that form.


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