[SD API Error Code: 6000]

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[SD API Error Code: 6000]

Post by mihcox »

Upon running my guide2go script which pulls in schedules direct data this morning, the only thing coming back is:

[SD API Error Code: 6000]
(several hundred to a thousand lines)

Any idea what could be the cause?
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Re: [SD API Error Code: 6000]

Post by slaterdave »

I'm having the identical problem. All guide data loads up, except I'm unable to retrieve images for programming and I keep throwing hundreds of '6000' errors. Possibly an issue with guide2go/yaml file?
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Re: [SD API Error Code: 6000]

Post by rmeden »

There was a problem with images on the SD-JSON service.. I haven't heard if it's been resolved yet.
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Re: [SD API Error Code: 6000]

Post by dhowellowl »

If it helps any of the devs out the API request that is failing is https://json.schedulesdirect.org/201412 ... a/programs
This is the call used for the images that everyone is complaining about. It's always returning(see below) the 6000 error regardless of the programid(s) being passed.

"programID": "EP000027050081",
"data": {
"response": "INVALID_PROGRAMID",
"code": 6000,
"serverID": "20141201.web",
"message": "Could not find requested programID.",
"datetime": "2022-09-01T15:34:46Z"
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