Schedules Direct server outage

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Schedules Direct server outage

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Yea! we're back!

Tuesday evening the server locked up. When the Colo provider rebooted it, it had LILO errors. We feared the worst; disk corruption. (we did have a mirror and backups, but disaster recovery is always a pain)

Complicating things both Chris and I were flooded with day job and family commitments taking time away from SD (which is mostly a volunteer effort). Bad timing all around.

The good news is we're back online w/o any data loss and this should give us a push to migrate to the new set of servers we've been planning to do for ages. "Life" and the fact that SD was working fine made it a lower priority. The server has been fantastic.. I think about one problem a year (this was the worst)

During the outage, data downloads were fine, but you couldn't change a lineup, modify accounts, etc.

This is completely unrelated to the problems with the new software on Tribune's data servers. (another fix is about to go in, but that's another post....)

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