New ETA for SD_JSON back online (4/19/20)?

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Re: New ETA for SD_JSON back online (4/19/20)?

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rmeden wrote:
Mon Apr 20, 2020 10:35 am
Looks like it's back up now.
It may be technically up, but it is responding slowly, and returning error 500's (internal server failure(s)) to some schedule requests.

It may just be overloaded due to something like a cold DB cache and people hitting the service all at once. I'll try again later.

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Re: New ETA for SD_JSON back online (4/19/20)?

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Maybe it's related to everyone hitting the service after the outage, but large schedule requests (/schedules) are failing. I can request a few stations and dates, but since everything's flagged as new, Typecast (my app) of course, requests all 172 stations and about 17 dates each, for a total of 2,850 schedules. The API allows this large of a request, but it's failing. (The API says the limit is 5,000 stations.)

"An error occurred while sending the request."
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Re: New ETA for SD_JSON back online (4/19/20)?

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Please open a ticket on the Schedules Direct website so that we can do some troubleshooting to determine what's happening.

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