2016-10-02 SD-JSON service: available

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2016-10-02 SD-JSON service: available

Post by rmeden »

2016-10-02@12:30P CDT: the service is available; image re-indexing will be performed in a non service impacting manner.

2016-10-02@09:53A CDT: the image re-indexing is taking longer than anticipated; the re-index is required in order to be able to provide episode-specific images.

JSON service will be offline 2016-10-02 @ 0200 GMT

That's 2016-10-01@9P CDT if you don't have access to timeanddate.com

The service will be offline for maintenance from the start of the maintenance window for approximately 6 hours.

Clients will receive a code 3000 event when requesting a token; please ensure that your clients aren't retrying every 5 seconds once they get a 3000.

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