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Questions regarding lineup USA-0000002-CUSTOM

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:01 pm
by gtb
Questions regarding lineup USA-0000002-CUSTOM (and 0000001)
  • Are these the permanent upstream Gracenote names, or Schedules Direct temporary subject to change?
    SiliconDust indicated they were working to get the info upstream to Gracenote, but I was unsure they completed that process.
  • The transport type is "IPTV".
    • Is that the Gracenote transport or Schedules Direct assignment?
      Neither Gracenote nor Schedules Direct docs indicate that is an expected transport type.
    • Is this really the correct type?
      . When I see IPTV transport, I typically expect to have available to me a IPTV uri (rtsp:// or http:// or ...)
      . Arguably, for this lineup, it is more like a "Cable" transport than "IPTV" (i.e. the channel assignments are STB like, and not uri like), and Cable would fit better with the documentation.
      . Potential naming conflict? Should Gracenote ever actually support IPTV guide data (I would love to have the NASA channel guide data), they could end up choosing IPTV.
    • Do you have any other lineups with a transport type of "IPTV"? Do any of them have URI?