New countries available: Australia and New Zealand

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New countries available: Australia and New Zealand

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NOTE: As of 2016-07-05, please consider these two regions as "Alpha" or test regions.

Australia and New Zealand are two expansion regions that Schedules Direct is investigating; the data is in flux - programs which originated outside of the two areas will have richer metadata than programs that are within the two regions, so there will be some variability in how much data / metadata is available for each program.

The start point will be to access ... ountry=AUS

or ... ountry=NZL

(with a valid token in the header)

to determine which areas we have data for. Note that there is no postal code for these calls; postal codes are not necessary in those two countries.

Since these are "alpha" at this time, I would prefer discussion in the forum vs. tickets being opened at the Schedules Direct website until we are in a steady-state; this will give all developers better input.

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