Alpha feature: automap lineup

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Alpha feature: automap lineup

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In order to make lineup selection simpler, there is an automap function being developed.

The station names as sent by a station and the station names in our database often aren't the same. The automap functionality being developed will depend on getting data from your users.

Currently, this function only supports the lineup.json format provided by HDHR's.

If you get a 404 response that means that your HDHR is either too old, or isn't running a firmware that supports the feature.

To use:


with a valid token in the header.
The body will be the lineup.json from your HDHR.

The response will be a lineup name and a percentage match. Matches over 90% are returned as candidates. If there are no matches then you will get back an empty array. Matches will be sorted highest to lowest.

To submit a lineup.json do the same call, except include the lineup: ... -OTA-02116

That will store it so that I can check it for sanity first; I'll automate this some more if it seems that we're getting a good take rate.

If you'd like to test, here is the USA-OTA-02116 body which was submitted using the second call.

Sending it using the first example above will come back with:


Indicating a 100% match.

[{"GuideNumber":"2.1","GuideName":"WGBH-HD","URL":""},{ ... Name":"WBZ 4.2","URL":""},{ ... auto/v68.6"}]

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