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Developers: new feature - updated client notification

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:35 am
by rkulagow
Because API-20140530 is under active development, I will be creating a new URI which you may use with your client to notify a user that there is a new version of your grabber. (Unless you have some other means for the client to check for new versions already)

At least with the mfdb-json grabber, I will add a call on startup that checks a /version URI. If the internal version of the grabber the user is running isn't the version recommended by the server then the client will exit with a notification to update the client.

If you would like to use this functionality, please let me know the name of the grabber your client will be looking for, and what the version string will be.

Re: Developers: new feature - updated client notification

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:53 pm
by rkulagow
This code has now been implemented. Please see the documentation at ... ct-version

Send me an email at with your clientname and version that you'd like to server to respond with if you'd like to take advantage of this feature.