Feature Requests for API 20140504

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Feature Requests for API 20140504

Post by rkulagow »

There is no code associated with 20140504 yet, but this is the place to start discussing Developer requests for the next API.

Please open a ticket at GitHub https://github.com/SchedulesDirect/JSON ... state=open for tracking purposes, but lets keep the discussion here.

There are already two feature requests; cwchapma - do you want to go into how your various requests will make things easier?

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Re: Feature Requests for API 20140504

Post by cwchapma »

Hey Rob,
I'm not sure why you would want the discussion to happen here. I think that github is great for managing bugs and features. Best of all, it lets me filter by open and closed and I can see just my issues. The forum is great for general discussion but it it's painful to sort through and track discussions about bugs and feature requests.

I'm guessing you have your reasons but it's not clear what the advantage is to filing issues on github but discussing here.

I hope I'm not being a pain in the ass here. I do appreciate the effort you're putting into this and am trying to understand while voicing my opinion.


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