API 20130512 Change Log

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API 20130512 Change Log

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The beta server ( is now on 20130512.

Change log:
2013-05-11: Version bump.
2013-05-12: Move ATSC station information into the channel map for "Antenna". Closes feature request https://github.com/SchedulesDirect/JSON ... e/issues/4
2013-05-13: Metadata file will now be a .zip with individual files within it rather than a .zip with one large text file. Closes feature request. https://github.com/SchedulesDirect/JSON ... e/issues/6
2013-05-15: Add support for international lineups. Specify "PC:{ISO3166-1 alpha-2 digraph}" when executing get->headends. Currently only PC:TT (Trinidad and Tobago) has been configured. Closes https://github.com/SchedulesDirect/JSON ... e/issues/8
2013-05-21: Remove "channel" from Antenna metadata for ATSC; ATSC major/minor fields made it redundant. Standardize on "uhfVhf" field to specify FCC frequency for analog and digital OTA.
2013-06-14: Schedule metadata may now include the optional "programLanguage" field. If provided, it will indicate the broadcast language of the program. If not explicitly provided, assume "English".
2013-06-25: The headend file containing lineup information will now explicitly have a "headend" field in the JSON.
2013-06-27: The metadata for a headend file will explicitly state the transport type. [Cable | Antenna | FTA | Satellite | IP]
2013-07-02: Bugfix - for "MV" program types, "madeForTV" in the movie object is supposed to be a boolean, but we were putting it in the data as a string.

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