OTA Lineup for my Postal Code is wrong

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OTA Lineup for my Postal Code is wrong

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I am using Mythtv, with the xmltv application.
As part of setting up the channels and schedule information, I chose a lineup that had "OTA" and "H9B1A1" (my postal code) in it; the other choices were all related to cable companies.
I live in a suburb of Montreal. There are many TV stations in Montreal (Channels 2, 6 10 12, 15, etc) and several US border stations that are receivable Over-The-Air from many places in Montreal (my house included).
Unfortunately, the lineup only provides information on one station (CJOH, channel 8) with three subchannels. This station is sourced from Ottawa, and the transmitter is located in Lancaster (about 75 KM from me).
How do I obtain the correct information from SD?

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Re: OTA Lineup for my Postal Code is wrong

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Open a ticket at the Schedules Direct website ("Lineup issue" on the left navbar) so that we can determine what's happening.

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