Bad Callsigns

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Bad Callsigns

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Recently the json service started switching random stations from having unique callsigns to short names similar to what has on their grids, unfortunately this leads to things like non-unique call signs for variations of channels. (i.e. if a provider carries both an east and west feed of HBO, they both say "HBO" instead of "HBO" and "HBOP") It also breaks compatibility with some things that used the callsign names for logo matching since you can no longer assign a unique logo to different stations that share a call sign. It also leads to them being truncated on programs that are used to the 8 character limit for a callsign.

For people using European lineups, many of the Eurosport variations now have the same callsign as well. And for "BT Sports ESPN HD" (64572) they now use "BTSpt//ESPNH", which creates a problem in its own since most filesystems do not support slashes as part of a file name if you want to match a logo. While Boomerang UK (24341) now has a call sign of "Boomerang (e"

Is there anyway you can convince TMS to switch back to giving unique callsigns for each station?

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