Max Lineups Exceeded

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Re: Max Lineups Exceeded

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rkulagow wrote:
pete318 wrote: It would be nice if there was an assured unique value (like station ID) included in that results list. But, it can be worked around.
I'm not sure that I understand what you mean here.
Well, when I tried a few UK lineups, some had a channel number that were all 0. Just in terms of listing them in a listview with unique key it would pose a problem if I tried to use just that. So, instead I made a key of "P<channel>/<callsign>" (the P is just to show it's a preview and not one of your actual lineups). Provided there aren't lineups where the channels+callsign isn't unique that'll be fine.

But ideally, within the preview dataset it'd be nice if there was a single field that was ensured to be unique (is callsign always unique? If so I guess that's fine).

Here's an example. You see channel is 0 for all lines. Other line ups have a valid number there.

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