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by doomed999
Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:03 pm
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Topic: Probable solution to '505: HTTP Version Not Supported'
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Re: Probable solution to '505: HTTP Version Not Supported'

spdygnlz wrote:
rmeden wrote:GB-PVR seems to be the only application affected.
I'm having the same problem in MediaPortal
For MediaPortal there is an update for the plugin to address this issue.

The only issue I have now is my line up disappeared today :(
by doomed999
Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:16 am
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Topic: 2010-07-13 outage *RESOLVED*
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Re: 2010-07-13 outage

Just curious. as I am new here. Would this be causing the following error? You mention that the data downloads shouldn't be affected, but I can't get any data. Thanks! 2010-07-14 01:34:16.707012 [SchedulesDirect EPG Client(5)]: Requesting 24 hours of program listings from [7/14/2010 1:34:16 AM] to [...