API20141201: New REST endpoint for DVB-T transmitters

API20141201: New REST endpoint for DVB-T transmitters

Postby rkulagow » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:34 am

The call to https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/available/ has now been updated to include a new endpoint

"type": "COUNTRIES",
"description": "List of countries which are available.",
"uri": "/20141201/available/countries"
"type": "LANGUAGES",
"description": "List of language digraphs and their language names.",
"uri": "/20141201/available/languages"
"type": "DVB-S",
"description": "List of satellites which are available.",
"uri": "/20141201/available/dvb-s"
"type": "DVB-T",
"description": "List of Freeview transmitters in a country. Country options: AUS, GBR, NZL",
"uri": "/20141201/transmitters/{ISO 3166-1 alpha-3}"

Your client may call https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/transmitters/GBR in order to obtain a list of transmitters for Great Britain if the method of using a postal code isn't providing satisfactory results.
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