Lineup identifiers are changing 2018-03-16

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Lineup identifiers are changing 2018-03-16

Postby rkulagow » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:33 am

Lineup identifiers in Mexico (MEX), France (FRA), Germany (DEU), Denmark (DNK), Norway (NOR), Finland (FIN) and Sweden (SWE) will be changing on 2018-03-16; if you have a lineup in one of these countries, please remove the lineup, and then go through the "add a lineup" process in your application; it will return the new lineup identifiers. Old identifiers will have a leading "0" after the country name; new identifiers will have a "1". Lineups will not be auto-migrated.

On 2018-03-19, any requests to the old lineups will no longer be valid.

An email will also be sent to affected users.
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