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non-profit website

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:36 am
by chris404

We are starting a non-profit website that requires the daily schedules of a small subset of channels (half a dozen or so) for users to interact with.

I understand this is redistribution which sounds like a no-no here; but I wanted to check if we are still disqualified as it's a small number of channels and we're non-profit/non-commercial. And if we can't use SchedulesDirect, is there a service you guys would recommend?


Re: non-profit website

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:24 am
by rmeden
Sorry, but you're right... it's not permitted by our license for the data (and because of that our Terms of use).

Email admin@sd and I'll send you some contact information for Tribune Media Services, the place we get the data.


Re: non-profit website

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:46 am
by bcmoney
Not to question the reasons for the distribution policy, but just to ask where technically the line is drawn...

What if:
1. a non-profit site encrypts and protects all original XML files from direct access so they can not be downloaded?

2. any site, whether for-profit or not, requires each user to signup to SchedulesDirect (paying the $25 fee) and agree to their terms of use, in order to download and view that person's regional TV schedule on the web?

3. if all this is behind a login, isn't this the same thing as viewing behind your own OS? I mean these days its practically as easy to break into a user's OS and grab their TV listings data they've downloaded as it is to break into a server and get the same information

4. what if I build a site that only I access because I want to access my TV listings not just from one of the approved Desktop apps but also on my Mobile device, from work where I can't necessarily install the app, etc...

Hope these questions aren't too annoying but I definitely would like to know the answers...

Re: non-profit website

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:44 pm
by rmeden
I find it helpful to think about the main reason Tribune required the restrictions.

Their business is selling this data. They want to allow hobbyists to play with applications and data, but they don't want any chance of competition with us for their own data.

I'll take a stab at your questions. (This is not an official response, just my personal opinion)

#1. It may depend on what the site does and how the data is used. If it includes Tribune's copyrighted text, I can see that being a problem. I don't think encrypting the data would make any difference since the data isn't distributed. (They're not concerned about someone hacking into a site to get the data). Remember Tribune owns web sites that use the data, plus they probably sell the data to other web sites that provide web services. Hobbyists with access to cheap data infringing on someone's "bread and butter" is a concern.

#2. A cloud based application that required each user to be a SD member is a grey area that I could see getting approved, possibly with some additional auditing requirements. The application site would have to be non-profit of course, no ads, etc.

#3.. not really a question.. I answered it above.

#4. Permitted by current rules.

Going back to #1 and #2, I've found Tribune Media Services to generally be very generous with exceptions (WiRNS for example). If it's a grey area and doesn't raise any of their concerns, it's likely to be accepted. If it's not accepted, they may be able to offer a viable alternative.