newbie here ... with a pretty basic question.

newbie here ... with a pretty basic question.

Postby audiodane » Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:44 pm

Hello everyone.. I've been doing some searching for about the last hour online and this is the closest I've been able to come to anything 'current' in the US markets ... Hopefully you guys can help me out here..

Believe it or not, I don't subscribe to the Tivo service... But several of my siblings do, and I really like the idea that you can put something in a 'wishlist' into their Tivo box and it will automatically record items that match (by actor, title, episode name, genre, etc)..

Now having a family of three kids with one income, I'm not planning on getting the Tivo service anytime soon, but what I'd LOVE to find is some desktop- or web- application that will send me an email reminder on say 14 days out and again 2 days out from any matches to my 'watch list.' In other words, I'd like to put in that I'm interested when "The Producers" comes up on the 14-day schedule for my local TV cable provider lineup, and when it does I get a simple email or desktop popup indicating the data (date, time, duration, channel, name/title, etc)..

If it's integrated with some other "add to myPVR schedule" features, fine by me. But I don't have any automatically schedulable PVR software, so it's just up to me to make note of the show. But there are plenty of things I've missed in recent years with the kids being born that I'd like to watch out for without having to check the channel guide every couple of days..

Is this something that SchedulesDirect does or can provide? Is there something else out there that already provides this that I've overlooked? I've seen a couple services available in the UK and AU, but it seems all the US services like that have all been discontinued. (maybe because of the integrated Tivo feature I mentioned)

Ideally I'm looking for a freeware way to do this, but I would not be opposed to a (very) nominal fee..

Any help here would be greatly appreciated...

thanks all,
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Re: newbie here ... with a pretty basic question.

Postby rmeden » Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:44 pm

SD provides a Data Service that many (free) apps use as a data source. We don't provide any apps.

My TV_CHECK application can search titles for things. I use it to see when shows move and new episodes come on. Output can be displayed in a web broswer, or with a little coding go out to email.

TVG is an approved app that can also search a guide. It's more consumer oriented than my program. I"m not sure if it's "My Schedule" function can email you, but it's under active development and you can always ask them to add the feature.

Hopefully others will chime in.. once you find an app that appears to meet your needs, sign up for a SD trial and play with the apps.

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Re: newbie here ... with a pretty basic question.

Postby audiodane » Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:16 pm

Thanks Robert! I've stumbled across TV-Browser and it looks interesting also. I don't want to pull the trigger on the (limited) free trial until I get more feedback on what apps might do what I'm looking for ... But I'm definitely encouraged that what I want done might just in fact be possible. :)

hope more suggestions keep coming also .. :)

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