Schedules Direct Subscribed Channels

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Schedules Direct Subscribed Channels

Postby hdonzis » Fri May 16, 2014 8:43 am

It looks to me like the account subscribed channels seems to be stored by channel number. So, when a provider's channel lineup changes, the subscribed channels stay with the subscribed channel numbers and don't follow the actual channels themselves. That is, for example, if I am subscribed to the SyFy channel on channel 72 and it moves to channel 65, that my SD subscribed channels still shows channel 72 as being subscribed to (assuming that there is still something being broadcast on that channel), instead of the subscription moving to channel 65.

It seems like this problem could be solved by storing the subscribed channels either with the TMS ID alone or by adding the TMS ID in addition to the channel number. I'm not sure if the providers do a good job of only having one channel number per TMS ID or not. But, if the TMS ID were used either instead or in addition, then it seems like it would be possible that if a channel changes channel numbers, then the subscribed channels would still have that new channel number subscribed. Obviously, the user selection of subscribed channels is for the stations themselves, not the channel number, so it seems like it would work much better if the subscribed channels followed the station instead of locking in on the channel numbers alone...

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