Which lineup do I select?

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Which lineup do I select?

Postby bfarra » Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:32 am

I am trying to build a mythtv box for my dad. I have successfully built one for myself, but I have OTA channels while he has digital cable; therein lies the problem. I have successfully scanned and found channels in mythtv by bypassing the cable box - connecting the coax directly into the mythtv box. Mind you, his cable subscription is as basic as it gets, he only gets broadcast channels because he lives in a valley and no antenna will work! However, I can't figure out which lineup to pick from schedules direct. The channel numbers I get when I scan seem to correspond to the OTA channels, but when I select Antenna in SD, I don't get any listing data in Mythtv. I cannot seem to find the correct channels from digital cable option in SD which correspond to channels scanned in mythtv. Any suggestions?
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