General Troubleshooting tips for "I can't get listings"

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General Troubleshooting tips for "I can't get listings"

Postby rmeden » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:22 am

Note: The guide data is currently hosted by Tribune Media Services (TMS), not on the Schedules Direct server. (that may explain the references to Tribune below)

  • Usernames are always lower case, passwords are mixed case.
  • Usernames *used* to always be your email address, but now they don't have to be.
  • Some applications prompt for "email" when they really want "username"
  • It's actually *NORMAL* for MythTV to display some 401-Unauthorized messages in it's download log!
  • If you keep having to reset your password, check your username (it's in the email). You may have it wrong!
  • Open with your web browser. We test the TMS servers every 5 minutes. If there's a problem, a message is displayed at the top of the window automatically.
  • Try logging in to your account and make sure you've chosen a lineup (and it's still there) There have been a few cases where lineups have disappeared (this causes a 500 "Internal Error" on download)
  • Checking your lineup also checks your account on Tribune's servers. We don't store your lineup, but log in to Tribune to get it.
  • If you get an "TMS Auth Failure" and your SD account is active, try resetting your password (even back to the same thing). That will re-sync the TMS servers with our server.
  • If you can see your lineup, try accessing THIS with a web browser. You'll need to log in with your SD username/password. Success is defined as a HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL message
  • Check that your firewall hardware/software isn't blocking the download based on the content of the text.
  • If you get this far, you probably have an application issue. You can try and download listings using another application (XMLTV's tv_grab_na_dd is a good test for this) Here at Schedules Direct we're really not in a position to help with application issues, but feel free to post in our forum.

Hope this helps!

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