Public TV programs always "Not Listed" in MythTV

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Public TV programs always "Not Listed" in MythTV

Postby knutsondc » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:57 am

I've been using Schedules Direct services with MythTVfor years now and have been very pleased with the service. Over the past several months, however, I have been unable to schedule recordings of most programs from the public television stations in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, even though I have successfully downloaded the schedule data for those channels. I use the OTA schedule for zip code 55112; the channels in questions are 2_1, 2_2, 2_3, and 2_4 from TPT, Twin CIties Public TV.

When I select a program to record on one of those channels in MythTV, I get the message that the program won't record because "This rule does not match any showings in the current program listings." MythTV's documentation says that this error will occur when a station has changed its programming schedule after mythfilldatabase has downloaded the listing data, but I don't think that's what's going on here. Even when I attempt to schedule a recording of a program set to broadcast three weeks in the future, I still get this error. I tried completely blanking my downloaded schedule listing data and replacing it all with freshly-downloaded data from Schedules Direct but still get the same error message when trying to schedule recordings of programs on those channels, whether scheduled for broadcast the same day, three weeks in the future, or any time between those two extremes. This problem occurs whether or not EIT is enabled, so I don't think that's it either. For what it's worth, I have yet to encounter this error when attempting to schedule a recording on any other channel in my lineup.

Most of the television series programs I want to record are on public TV, so this situation is rather frustrating. Does anyone have some explanation for what's going on? Thanks!

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Re: Public TV programs always "Not Listed" in MythTV

Postby gtb » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:01 pm

knutsondc wrote:This problem occurs whether or not EIT is enabled, so I don't think that's it either.

(likely not relevant, but...) Note that it is *strongly* recommended to not enable EIT when using other sources of guide data in MythTV. MythTV can easily get confused (which is an understatement) when two different guide sources (EIT and Schedules Direct) which use different taxonomies try to feed the various scheduling algorithms. One issue in MythTV is that in some cases adding (or updating) a tuner card or a video source can default to specifying EIT as enabled, which can result in overriding the (usually) good scheduling data that Schedules Direct provides with EIT. One may have to verify that the video source has eit disabled and/or insure that the capture card has eit scanning disabled.
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